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Pesticide Use Increasing- Some From Organic Farming
Canada Free Press
Sulfur, a natural fungicide used by conventional and organic farmers to control mildew, was the most-used pesticide in the state. Its use grew by 10 percent and accounted for 27 percent of all reported pesticide use. (1) Contrary to what most people ...
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Local farmers struggle, but keep growing what they love
She just quit her job to become a full-time farmer as the family decided to build a small greenhouse where they can grow sprouts and shoots during the winter. Organic farming is hard and labour-intensive, Thomas says. In order to receive a certified ...
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Organic foods
Fenton Tri County Times
Crops are generally grown without synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, irradiation (a form of radiation used to kill bacteria), or biotechnology. Animals on organic farms eat organically grown feed, aren't confined 100 percent of the time (as ...
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US's biggest organic seed conference set for Jan. 19
Western Farm Press
The conference offers more than two-dozen sessions ranging from agronomic issues on the farm (seed production and disease management); breeding topics (public university projects and participatory models); economic matters (organic seed markets and ...
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2012 High Cotton winners – in 'Survivor' mode
Delta Farm Press
About 80 percent of Cameron's crops are drip-irrigated, which enables him to conserve water and reduce fertilizer applications. Both of the latter have become increasingly expensive in recent years. He grows many organic crops, and is one of only two ...
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Delta Farm Press

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Palestinian organic farmers gaining access to global market through ...
But year after year, politics complicates the harvest. Palestine's isolation from the world makes it hard for these farmers to fully take part in the growing organic food movement. Vivien Sansour represents the Palestine Fair Trade Association. ...
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Does organic agriculture have its limitations? | New Hope 360 Blog
As a proponent of pesticide- and GMO-free farming, I find that I've morphed into an advocate for USDA Certified Organic products and produce. Why?
organic agriculture in the news | sustainable food economics
Organic agriculture has been featured in two articles in New York Times in the past week, and both discuss the impact of growth in consumer demand on the ...